Behind the scenes & how we made the Comeback Music Video

Last summer, Philly Nick reached out to me if I was interested in making a music video for his unreleased song. I usually don't do any video work at the time because I was focusing on my Photography side of business, but this was hard to pass because I've seen how Philly Nick is passionate about his music. At the time, he was in the Philippines when we were planning and making a concept on his track so it took us awhile to come up with a music video brief due to the different time zones, me being in Toronto. When I first heard of the track, I visualized the music video being shot in the morning around sunrise since the lyrics behind the song is motivating. I presented him my take on how I picture the track and thankfully we both quickly got in the same vision. Being in Ontario, there's only a handful of beaches near the city so we ended up choosing Wasaga beach as the location. Working with Philly Nick was a breeze because he gave me the chance to showcase a little bit of my personality & style of filming in the music video allowing me to have full creative control on this project. Fast forward to October and this is what me came up with.

This music video fuelled up the fire in me to work on video projects besides running my photography business. I'm looking to do more music videos or any video related project in the future. So if you're an Artist like Philly Nick, feel free to reach out on my email about your project! Would also love to hear everyone's thoughts on our music video that we made in the comment section :)